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The Elvis Top List is a website displaying the top Elvis Presley websites in the world. This website holds the most renowned and influential Elvis Presley websites and ranks them by categories, votes, and traffic to their site. They are ranked by how much traffic they receive on both unique and non-unique hits, as well as on votes they have received. Votes are tracked by how many times the public hits the Elvis Top List button on your site. If you are listed on our site, you are required to have this button, or risk suspension.

There are many Elvis Presley websites in the world. Some are fan sites based in different countries or cities in the United States. Some are merchandise sites where you can buy memorabilia or Elvis themed items like shirts, clocks, and cd’s. Our site has it all, right at your fingertips. We even have an easy way to search for a specific website you might be interested in. See the search field for more information.


Our Top List enables you, the user, to track your website traffic, while also competing with other Elvis websites. What our site does is track how many visitors you receive in a given day. It also keeps track of how many visitors you have received since registering your site with us. Traffic to your site is also tracked by whether they were referred by Elvis Top List (out) or another way (in).

We hope that in registering as a user on our site, your website will get more traffic. This will help you in knowing what’s working for your site and what’s not. We want this to help you meet your traffic goals and to help you improve your site in any way. Any traffic is good traffic, but it's more fun when it's a competition. To be listed on Elvis Top List, users must register using the User CP tab.


Another thing we aim for, is helping Elvis fans find the top Elvis Presley websites all in one place. Fans can search for different categories using our search tools to find a specific site they are looking for. You, the registered user, can also use the search bar to find your site more easily using a more focused search, or to look up other fan sites. We want fans of Elvis to have a one stop shop for everything Elvis Presley. Whether they are looking to shop memorabilia, find a fan site in their area, or find out more information on the King, we want it to be easily accessible to them.

“There must be lights burning brighter somewhere. Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue. If I can dream of a better land where all my brothers walk hand in hand, tell me why can’t my dream come true.”

— Elvis Presley If I Can Dream

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but he also ventured into other music genres, like country and gospel. He has won multiple Grammy Awards for his gospel recordings, has had 18 number one singles, and has had numerous gold and platinum recording albums. He not only was a popular singer, but he also was an actor, starring in Blue Hawaii and Viva Las Vegas. He was drafted into the military in 1957 in the midst of his career and served for about a year and a half. He met his wife, Priscilla, while in the military. Elvis had charisma, style, and charm. It’s no wonder that he was a star then and now. To this day people still travel to his Memphis home, Graceland, to pay tribute to the King.